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This book has one goal in mind; to empower you to become a complete person with balance in all the key areas of life so that you can accomplish your goals and achieve business success.

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A Resource For Anyone Looking To Improve Their Lives Or Start A Business

A Life Plan is an approach to life that considers every aspect of every day and every part of you! You see when we try to start a business, be a better friend, lose weight, save more money, etc., sometimes we forget about life. What is life? Life is who you are socially, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically (or what I call the Big 5).

This book has one goal in mind; to empower you to become a complete person with balance in all the key areas of life so that you can accomplish your goals and achieve business success. You have wanted to start your business for quite some time now and it has never seemed like the right time. Questions like: Can I commit the time needed for success or do we really have the money to start a business right now or is this the right time to take such a huge risk with our future, have paralyzed you. As a result, you have watched years roll by and you are no closer to realizing your dreams than when you first began to dream. This book helps you to understand that there may never be an ideal time to take the risk of starting a business. You will probably never have enough money or time. That, however, is focusing on the negative. Let’s focus on what you do have:

  • You have a great idea.
  • You have a sincere commitment to your family and those you love.
  • You have a strong desire for more in and out of life.
  • You have everything it takes for business success.

What you don’t have is a plan and direction. This book will give you that plan and the direction you need. You will walk away from this book with a new approach to life and your business. You will no longer have to ask the question…

Where do I go From Here?

The Purpose

Where do I go From Here? A Success Guide To Business & Life!

I wrote this book because life, excuses, and outside forces seemed to be controlling my destiny and those of many others I called friend.  The many self-help books available, although inspirational all seemed to lack the practical approach that I and others needed to really break the cycle.  I felt a more detailed and honest assessment of my life was needed, so “Where Do I Go From Here?” was written.

It is important to note that this book was written as an “In Your Face, No Excuses” guide to truly seeing and determining where you were and are in life.  Where you go after you realize that will be entirely up to you, but you will know. 

The Book Serves 3 Purposes:

  1. As a guide for the committed yet lost or confused who wish to create the plan, they need to achieve true balance in life and success in business.
  2. As a wakeup call to the half-hearted who thinks they have been on the path but giving it less that the required effort and a partial commitment to doing what it takes to achieve their goals
  3. As a wakeup call to the dreamer who thinks they want a certain life, but recognizes through the process, they may not really wish to commit to what it takes to achieve the goals they have fantasized about. (And that’s ok, it’s better to know and begin really enjoying your life than to live in a constant dream world unsatisfied and barely enjoying the moment.)

As the author of this book, it is important for me to state a simple fact of my own life:  I have not lived this book fully since its original writing.  It has literally taken 20 plus years to even re-release this book due to procrastination, fear, and just other distractions.  So, I don’t approach this book with anything other than humility and a desire to share my vision with others in the hopes that someone else who has been non-committal can finally find that inner strength to not only manifest their destiny but do the work required to get there. 

This book is best used by anyone looking to find a path to success in business or life but especially business if life seems to be in the way.  The practical steps, methods and assignments throughout will definitely help you achieve balance in your life and answer some of the questions you may have about why you seem to be stuck.

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Henry L. Ramsey Jr.

Born in Detroit MI, but raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Henry L Ramsey graduated with a BA in Economics from Bucknell University ‘92.  Henry was able to attend Bucknell due to an athletic scholarship where he played football and ran track for the Bison.  Shortly after graduating and relocating to Atlanta, GA, Henry was inspired to work in the area of business development and writing a success guide for business & life just seemed like a natural fit.  Being only a few years removed from a successful entrepreneurial endeavor called RCS, Henry was ready to make a wider impact in the business community and Where Do I Go From Here? was written.

Henry now is the CEO of r4 media a media, data & software enterprise based out of Pittsburgh PA.

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The BIG 5

An in-depth look at who you are in 5 key areas we call the BIG 5 (socially, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically)


The little 5

The 5 things you need to do to make sure your plan can be accomplished. (inventory, identify, prioritize, evaluate & plan)


Why You Need A Business Plan

Too many businesses operate without a full business plan & it shows. Gain some insight into why you need a business plan.


Online Resources

Access online links and download the pdf of more than 50 business resources and online assistance agencies.

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What Readers Have Said

Five Star Reviews
"I have read many "self help" and business planning books, but none have ever impacted me like Where Do I Go From Here?!"
Charlie S
"I love how down to earth and relatable this book is. So much of it hits home and gives me clear insight into my own situation!"
Taylor F
"I was lost and felt really confused about how I could even get started, but now I feel like I have a real chance at beginning my business."
Josh K

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