Henry Ramsey

Entrepreneur, Advocate, Writer

"I must Create a System, or be enslav'd by another Man's. I will not Reason & Compare; my business is to Create."
William Blake

Successful Entrepreneur

I currently serve as CEO of R4 Media, Marketing & Consulting LLC an agency that specializes in providing automated marketing tools and software for coaches and consultants.  I work closely with companies and their Sr. level marketing teams to implement sales campaigns, online contests, develop online micro communities and mobile apps, online coaching platforms, inward and outward facing CRMs as well as provide extensive front-end and back-end software solutions to improve daily operations.

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My 1st Business

Created a multi state vehicle & residential service company with more than 15 employees at the age of 24.


Wrote My 1st Book

The predecessor to “Where Do I Go From Here?”, “Pittsburgh Business Guide”  was written as a small business guide that contained several resources for business owners in the greater Pittsburgh area.


1st Edition Of Where Do I Go From Here!

I published the 1st edition of WDIGFH as a means to help Atlanta business owners who also were dealing with the stresses of life.


Started My r4 media

Started r4media marketing & consulting llc, my current business, as a web development and marketing firm that specialized on providing business solutions from across multiple sectors.

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